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Not just the little things

Are you planning a big project? Major changes to your lifestyle or living arrangements? One of the beauties of Timebanking is that it gives you access to a wealth of knowledge from people who have done it before who are happy to share that knowledge for timecredits!

Whether it is planning to manage your land under permaculture principles; designing a solar power set-up; establishing an intentional community; or making big changes to your diet due to food allergies/intolerance or preference, we currently have Offers of help already sitting there waiting, along with general project management support!

Plus of course there are many many other big projects not currently listed, like earthbuilding, living in other countries, home schooling, writing a book, house building and renovations, setting up small businesses or charitable organisations that we know there is experience out there amongst our members that they're willing to share if only someone would think to ask...

Sharing knowledge is a reciprocal arrangement, the 'teacher' doesn't just get timecredits but also gets immense satisfaction from feeling that their knowledge is sought and valued, and often learns in the process from the two way communication.

So how do you find these people? There are several ways...

  • Once you're logged in to TimeOverflow if you go to the Offers page and type a key word into the Search box that will help you find anything listed that matches up.

  • Or click on the Tags option, and then once that is open select Offers - this will give you broader categories of things currently on Offer.

  • If you can't see anyone currently offering what you are looking for then post a Request

  • You can also talk to your Local Coordinator and ask at Timebank events if anyone knows something about your query, or knows a member who does.

So what's on your 'to do' list that you could get some help with through Timebank?

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