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So what is Timebanking?

Timebanking is way more than joining a group.

It's a unique way of building community through trust, where members depend on one another.

Are you thinking about brushing up your foreign language skills but classes aren't available or not suited to your needs? You might find someone who can practice conversations with you in exchange for you showing them how to bake your famous apple pie! But what if they don't like apple pie?


Timebanking is a way of giving and receiving where you don't have to do a direct exchange with someone, you exchange for timecredits, which you can use with another member. One hour helping another earns one-time credit. It's that simple.


By becoming a member of a Timebank, individuals, groups, or organizations can earn time credits by fulfilling the help requests from others, which they can then spend on the help they need.


Timebanking urges us to go back to values that are more important than money; such as family, social justice, and preserving the democratic process. It helps to build strong support networks and communities.


Whether it be yard work, medical care, transportation, minor home repair, computer assistance, picking up food, or cooking meals, these exchanges have equal value. They are valued only in terms of the time spent doing them.

  • Provide an hour of service; earn one-time credit. 

  • One equals one – regardless of the service you give.

  • There is no money exchanged, only time*. 


Timebank members are free to choose what service they would like to offer or what service they would like to request. It’s that simple!

*If expenses are incurred it is expected that these will be met by the recipient, eg buying replacement parts, or mileage for transportation

What the press has to say....

The Kiwis doing jobs in exchange for time - Paul Little, NZ Herald 5th Feb 2023

'Everyone has something to offer' with Northland's Timebank - Noel Garcia, The Northland Age 22nd Aug 2022

Hear from some of our members....

In 2020-2021 a Canadian yachting couple were stranded in the Bay of Islands by Covid; luckily for us they signed up with Tai Tokerau Timebank and it turned out that Jean was a videographer... He put together these videos for us, capturing what it is to be a Timebank member.

No money? No problem!

"the concept really resonated for me around the idea of time being a currency, as opposed to money"

Making connections

"At the end of the day I feel that the real value is connecting to the other humans that are there"

Those memorable moments

"We (Timebankers) were the whānau that had grown up around her"

Unexpected skills

"It starts allowing you to explore talents that you had taken for granted"

Finding your place in the community

"Timebank is a great place because it's a huge range of people, skills and interests, and that willingness to contribute to the community"

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