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Account Manager's Agreement

For groups/organisations and Tai Tokerau Timebank

The Tai Tokerau Timebank is a community program and software program which allows for the sharing of information such as address, phone number, email and personal details so as to facilitate communication and trade among the members. As such, members are allowed access to information about other members which may not be publicly available. 


In recognition of this, and in respect for members’ privacy and protection, the Tai Tokerau Timebank does vet potential members and anonymous members are not allowed. This creates an issue for group memberships, which can provide a great resource to the Tai Tokerau Timebank, although that benefit must be balanced with individual members’ need for privacy. 


It is the recognition of this need for balance that requires special handling and procedures for group memberships that are not necessary for individual members. One of the concerns of a group membership is the fluidity of members and the number of individuals involved. The multiple individual characters involved require some special handling to ensure that access to Tai Tokerau Timebank information is still limited to vetted individuals and a known contact person is established. 


This policy is an attempt to delineate who and how a contact person for a group membership will be established and privacy maintained. 


Name of Organisation

This is the official name of the body who will hold the Timebank account. This may be a parent body/Trust that oversees several projects eg Te Pokapū Tiakia Taiao O Te Tai Tokerau Trust (our parent body)

Name of Timebank Account

This is the name that you will be known by to members on TimeOverflow - this is who exchanges will be with eg Kaitāia EcoCentre, Anō Anō (some of our Trust's other programmes who are Organisational Members of Tai Tokerau Timebank

Account Manager

This is the person who will be responsible for managing the Timebank account for your organisation. To ensure our members' data security this person must also be an individual member of Tai Tokerau Timebank

Secondary Contact

This is a back up contact person for your Organisation, should the Account Manager be unavailable. This person does not need to be a member, their contact information is for the Coordination team only, and they will not have administrative access to the account.

Organisational Member Account Manager

By completing this form you are agreeing to the following:

I will administer the Timebank account on behalf of the organisationa stated.


I will be the only person with access to the group account, and will remain a registered member of Tai Tokerau Timebank whilst account manager. 


I will be responsible for answering any and all questions from the Tai Tokerau Timebank in a timely manner; posting, replying to, and recording transactions on behalf of the organisation; and acting as liaison between the Tai Tokerau Timebank and the organisation


At any point in time, should I leave the role of account manager I will notify the Tai Tokerau Timebank and a new account manager will complete this form in order to take over the account.

I acknowledge the Tai Tokerau Timebank policy for the operation of this organisation, within the system of an individual based software system and will take responsibility and act as administrator of all information with regards the TimeOverflow Software.

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