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Paying your subscription

Due every August

We are trying to keep our membership subscription low so that it is affordable.

However, we recognise that for some timebankers every cent can make a difference, so if you can afford to pay it forward and pay extra it means we can waive the fees for someone going through hard times, or an organisation with little or no funding.

If you donate over $5 the Trust can issue a tax receipt.

Please state in the reference if your payment includes, or is a donation.

How to pay


If you wish to pay by cash you can do so at the EcoCentre Kaitāia, Bank Street, or give the money to your Local Coordinator.

Online banking

Account name: Tai Tokerau Timebank

Account number: 12-3096-0282025-02

Reference: Your name (as close to your Timebank account name as you can squeeze in, so that we can match it to your account!)

Donation: we will assume any funds over $6 are a donation, if the total amount is a donation make that clear, as well as including your name!

Contribute to Tai Tokerau Timebank

Tai Tokerau Timebank engages our collective power to strengthen community; we make it easy for people to actively engage with the people, and community organisations around them.

We are a community of people who call and respond to each other on a daily basis. It works! 

Connections are made and needs are met - as each person experiences being valued for their contribution to their community, they start to realise that they are vital to it.

The original concept of Timebanks was that they would be volunteer run organisations, but the value of having paid coordinators has been proven time and again around the world. Our coordination team is there to help make things run more smoothly and provide opportunities to meet other Timebankers, but the success of Timebanking depends on the energy its members are willing to put in. And after all between all the coordination team’s hours we’re still less than two full time people covering the whole of te Tai Tokerau!

People who join the Timebank are asked to pay a yearly membership fee of $6 each August. We acknowledge that for some money is really tight, so it's appreciated if those who can afford a little extra make that extra contribution so that we can waive fees for those in need. We rely on the generosity of others to keep the Timebank going. Your contribution to the Timebank allows us to keep working towards our vision of a rohe where we look out for each other and embrace diversity.

As our parent body, Te Pōkapu Tiaki Taiao O Te Tai Tokerau Trust, is a registered charity if you do wish to make an additional donation a tax receipt can be issued for any donations over $5. Just be clear in the reference section that you are paying a donation rather than/as well as subs.

The more people who get involved with running our Timebank the wider the scope is for what we can achieve through it.

We'd love to build up a team of helpers around each of our local coordinators to enable more events to happen regularly and develop special projects with our organisational members. If you have any questions about this, or ideas not listed please have a chat with your local coordinator or fill in the form below.

Here are some ideas as to how you can help our TImebank.

One off/occasional tasks

  • Host and/or organise a social event 

  • Write something for our newsletter, testimonial etc

  • Design posters, Facebook memes etc for us

  • Interview timebankers for Timebanker Tales

  • Support a coordinator on a stall at an event or Drop-in session 

  • Organise and/or run a TTT workshop

  • Flyer drop and put up posters 

  • Paint signage / sew flags 

  • Contribute to a fundraiser

  • Help with transporting the TTT events kits around


Ongoing tasks

  • Regularly share our Facebook posts in local community groups etc

  • Coordinate social events in your area throughout the year

  • Coordinate workshops in your area throughout the year

  • Become a local Member support coordinator (helping others with orientations, posting offers & requests etc)

  • Phone tree - keep in touch with offline or vulnerable members 

  • Data entry - there are a number of regular tasks that are relatively straightforward that we’d love to be able to share the workload of.

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Want to help out? Let us know what you can offer, every little helps

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