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Putting it into practice

Three of the coordination team were clocking up timecredits in a recent Tai Tokerau Timebank courier service multi-exchange!

Anna had bought some small shelves off TradeMe from someone in Whangārei Heads and needed to get them to Kaitāia. The first person asked travelled to and from Kaitāia by plane so that wasn't going to work, so instead Brent in Onerahi was asked if he'd mind being a drop-off/pick-up point. Sure, no bother, and the lovely trader on TradeMe dropped the shelves off there a few days later. Meanwhile Janey wanted some of the lemongrass plants that Anna had offered, but she's down near Whangārei...

Well it just so happened that Paula was travelling down from Kaitāia to Whangārei with the St John's Cadets for a competition the next weekend so she picked up the lemongrass from Anna, dropped that off at Brent's, picked up the shelves and dropped them off with Anna the next day.

Janey and Brent arranged for her to pick up the lemongrass and all was well! Paula got to practice putting through a multiperson exchange on our new system in her role as a coordinator as she split the travel time equally between Anna and Janey so added value was gained from the transactions (usually the person paying out the timecredits has to log the exchange now) It didn't take long for Anna to fill up the shelves and put them to good use. Hopefully the lemongrass will serve Janey just as well!

And what did it 'cost' in time? 45 minutes each for Anna and Janey to Paula, and 15 minutes each from Anna and Janey to Brent. So for one timecredit Anna and Janey both had what they wanted without having to travel long distance themselves, even though their items started off over 150km away from them!