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Did we lose you along the way?

Updated: May 11, 2023

Much to our relief (as coordinators) we're now functioning on the new TimeOverflow system, and using this website and Facebook for communications. However we seem to have left a number of you trailing behind!

All online members will have been contacted by Paula or one of the other coordinators explaining the migration process, the need to accept the new Terms & Conditions and complete a form that was emailed out to all members on 7th May.

If you forgot, kei te pai, life happens! Here's how to fix this...

First option is do a search in your emails for 'Migration', chances are it'll be fairly high up the list unless you're a migrating birds spotter, it's the one sent out from [Tai Tokerau Timebank]! Read through the email (yes we really do need you to read it, and we know it's long...) and at the bottom of the email there's a link to Calendly where you'll find a basic form to fill in. Fill in the form, Paula will get the notification and woo hoo! You'll be activated on TimeOverflow; get an email with information on logging in for the first time, and your Local Coordinator will be in touch to offer guidance on the new system and answer any questions. You can even earn a timecredit for showing up for a re-orientation!

Can't find the email or (ahem...) deleted it by mistake? Don't panic! Contact us and we'll resend it.

Unfortunately we do need you to complete the form to activate your account on TimeOverflow for legal reasons, otherwise you need to go through the whole sign up as a new member process which we're sure you don't want to do!

If you have been timebanking before your TimeOverflow account is activated just keep a note of the exchanges and timecredits involved and exchanges can be recorded once you're up and running in the new system, you won't miss out.

Those in and around Kaitāia can catch up with Shona for a reorientation at Anō Anō this week on Thursday 11th May 6-7pm, and Saturday, 13 May 11am-12pm - make sure to book in with her by emailing, or calling/texting 02041925883. We'll keep you posted of future times and places to meet your local coordinators.

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