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Please bear with us...

It's all finally happening this week... the big switchover away from the Community Weaver (CW3) platform that we've been using to record our Timebanking exchanges etc to TimeOverflow. The coordination team have been busy contacting all members to ensure that no-one who wants to stay with us gets left behind! If you think you've missed out on a call and/or email please let us know asap.

We're also working on setting up which will be our main communications centre with news, events and reports etc as well as a connection to TimeOverflow and a place for new members to sign up and book their orientation.

Please keep a note of any timebank exchanges that you would've logged so that you can add them to the new system as the old one is now disabled. One change to recording exchanges in the new system is that the member giving the timecredits has to record the exchange. Our Coordination team can help you with this if you need assistance.

We're really hoping this along with the TimeOverflow app will make recording Offers, Requests and Exchanges much easier for everyone! It might seem unecessary to some of you, but our Funders like to see that exchanges are being recorded as it proves Timebanking is working and we'd like them to keep funding us!

Your Local Coordinators will be arranging in person drop in sessions and events to help you get to grip with the new system. Online sessions will be available too and we're looking at partnering with other Timebanks in Aotearoa to ensure that there are plenty of online opportunities to learn the ropes.

There has been a lot of collaboration behind the scenes across the Timebanking coordinator community in Aotearoa and beyond to figure out what we think is the best web platform options for our Timebanks. We're all really looking forward to being able to spend more time on other things now to help improve Timebanking across the motu!

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