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Help and be helped!

Here’s a great example of how Timebank works from Glenn who joined in April 2022:

Having joined Timebank during 2022 I was slow to enjoy the benefits! The orientation started me with 1 time credit which spent several months alone in my account. Then in December I had the opportunity to earn some more by volunteering as a rubbish ambassador for Ecosolutions at the Whangārei 2022 A&P show.

As Ecosolutions are Organisational Members of Timebank, by volunteering for them I earned 2 more time credits!

Being an ocean ecologist, quite a bit of my time is spent in the ocean, and emerging from the water during the colder months can be tough! The idea of stepping into a cosy, dry towelling poncho was very appealing. Remembering we had a stack of unused towels - I realised I could get someone to make a towelling poncho, as sewing is definitely not my forte!

Bring on the benefits of Timebank!: if you need something doing that you can’t do yourself, then there’s almost always someone in your local Timebank who can help you.. It was as easy as putting out a Request via my account on the website and then waiting for a response. It didn’t take long and a newly signed up member, Kate, who loves creative sewing projects on her industrial sewing machine, offered to make me and my wife Janey, ponchos from our very own towels! Perfect. Kate was incredibly quick – from measuring to making took her a couple of hours one afternoon for each individual poncho, she even made them to suit us uniquely. The ponchos are fantastic and the towels, which had sat for a number of years in storage, came up beautifully with a hot wash and are now in constant use!

We were able to ‘pay’ Kate with our Timecredits, which she can now spend with another member who has something to offer that she needs.

Timebank is a wonderful way of connecting with others in your local community (and further afield), and amongst its membership you will always find plenty of opportunities to help others and be helped yourself. Because all skills are valued equally, whether you’re an accountant or baby-sitter, an hour is the ‘currency’ that never changes!

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