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Location matters!

As we're a regional Timebank covering the whole of Northland, members can be several hours drive away as well as a few minutes walk, so it's really important to make sure we share our location in the title of Offers and Requests.

With our new TimeOverflow platform, the notifications we get emailed automatically once a week just show the title of the Offer or Request that has been posted, so it is only by clicking on the link that you can find our where the person is etc. It can be frustrating to feel that everything you click on seems to be somewhere else, and we really don't want to put people off Timebanking because of that!

Also if you are on the site wanting to find Offers or Requests in your area you can put your location into the Search box, but you'll only find something if folk have remembered to include their location in the title or text! We're working on future possibilities to refine the Search options at least by Local Coordinator area, but that is a long term project. Adding where you are is instant eg Whangārei - tree pruning help and/or tuition

If your Offer or Request isn't geographically specific, such as online skills then it helps to make that really clear in your title too, or add your location plus 'or anywhere' eg Kaitāia or anywhere - Photoshop help needed.

So if you want people to respond to your Offers and Requests please remember to add your location in the title! If you already have Offers or Requests posted that don't mention location you can edit them in one of two ways once you're logged in to TimeOverflow:

Click on the down arrow by your profile picture and email in the top righthand corner of the screen and select 'Update my profile'

You can then click on any of your Offers or Requests

Once you're in the Offer or Request you can Update or Delete them using the buttons top right of the screen.


Look for your posts in the lists of Offers and Requests, click on them and edit them the same way.

Which route to choose?

Going via 'Update my profile' lets you see if there are any old posts that are no longer relevant that need deleting, or if there is anything else in your profile that needs updating.

Scrolling through the Offers and Requests means that you get to see what all else is on Offer or Requested, and you might well see something interesting that you'd otherwise missed or forgotten about.

Whichever way you do it doesn't really matter, as long as we can see your location!

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