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Where in te Tai Tokerau are you?

Because Tai Tokerau Timebank covers the whole of Northland we have a team of Local Coordinator's whose primary role is supporting members to engage with Timebanking. Each of these has their own geographical rohe/area that they are responsible for, and as they live within that area they can make the most of their existing community connections and knowledge, as well as having a vested interest in helping build up a well connected resilient community!

Within Far North District Council we use the Community Board wards and subdivsions to divvy up the area into 4 Local Coordinator rohe.

Te Hiku - includes the whole of the Te Hiku Ward (in green). Your Local Coordinator is Caryl Doherty-Walker

Whangaroa-Kerikeri - includes the Whangaroa, Waipapa and Kerikeri subdivisions of the Whangaroa-Bay of Islands Ward (in red, north of the line). Your Local Coordinator is Barbara Belger.

Te Pēwhairangi/Bay of Islands - includes the Paihia, Russell-Ōpua, and Kawakawa-Moerewa subdivisions of the Whangaroa-Bay of Islands Ward (in red, south of the line). We're still looking for a paid Local Coordinator for this rohe - could this be you?

Kaikohe-Hokianga - includes the whole of the Kaikohe-Hokianga Ward, ie North Hokianga, South Hokianga, and Kaikohe (in blue). Again we need a paid Local Coordinator for this rohe too!

Original map sourced via FNDC's website

Whangārei and Kaipara District Councils are simpler, although finding a suitable map certainly isn't! Let us know if you can find one showing both the District Council boundaries AND the main highways... we'll pay you timecredits for doing so of course!

Whangārei City & Coast - includes the city of Whangārei and everything to the east of SH15 northwards and SH1 southwards. Janey Pares Edney is your Local Coordinator.

Kaipara and Whangārei West - is the whole of Kaipara District Council, plus anywhere to the west of the line made by SH15 and SH1. Viv Christensen is your Local Coordinator here.

As we've shuffled a few boundaries around you may find that you're now in a different Local Coordinator's rohe. If you have any questions about this get in touch and we'll do what we can to help! Of course there are no restrictions , if you want to go to an event or do an exchange with someone in a different rohe to you that's great, you go for it! If attending an event you might want to consider offering lifts to other members. Not only can you split the fuel costs, but you get to know them better on the way!

You can find your Local Coordinator's email addresses here, or you can use our Contact Us form.

If you are in a rohe without a Local Coordinator and need help with Offers/Requests or recording an exchange etc contact Paula Walker who will be happy to help.