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Transforming gardening in theory and practice

On Saturday 27th May and Saturday 10th June, Timebank ran two fascinating and highly informative garden workshops in Whangārei. Organised essentially for its members, but also open to the general public, it was well attended by Timebank members as well as non-members.

The Timebank members paid in Timecredits, while others were invited to contribute koha. By opening these workshops to the wider community, Timebank is facilitating greater collaboration between its members and the general public; building local networks and fostering community resilience at a grassroots level.

Both workshops were tutored by Lynn Wytenbroek, who has been planning gardens, pruning fruit trees and installing food forests for more than three decades. As well as these many years of experience, Lynn also has a Permaculture Design Certificate.

In the first workshop she focused on the theory of how to plan converting a lawn, or even part of it, into a highly productive and beautiful garden.

In the second workshop participants got to practically apply the plan in a private garden in Whangārei. Blessed by a perfect sunny June day, participants learnt how to convert bare lawn into productive, edible spaces under the experienced and enthusiastic eye of Lynn Wytenbroek. In 45 minutes we planted blueberries, passionfruit, pomegranate, coffee and mulberry trees into bare lawn. Spinach, celery, brassicas, cabbage and Chinese tatsu were planted into a raised bed filled with compost and top soil, resting on sheets of cardboard and bare lawn.

Timebank membership increases through workshops like these, where members mix with non-members who leave inspired to join the growing Timebank family.

Janey Pares Edney

Whangārei Local Coordinator

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