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Hats and mats

Our Crafty Monday series continues on 5th March with an opportunity to learn how to crochet hats and mats out of soft plastics. They are particularly great for the garden and the beach and of course survive being scrunched up in a bag or the boot of the car. It is a way of getting more useful life out of soft plastics rather than putting them straight in the recycling. Of course if you’ve been diligently refusing plastic bags (good on you!) you’d need to scrounge bags off your whānau and neighbours. But the same methods can be used for making hats and mats from old t-shirts etc too though, so this is still a great opportunity for any conscientious zero waster!

Our tutor will be Naomi Clarke who will take you through the process step by step, giving you the opportunity to have a go yourself with expert help on hand, so that you can make your own without relying on YouTube tutorials! So that everyone can get enough one to one attention places are limited so contact us in advance to book a place, the cost is $5.

Future Crafty Monday events are:

9th April – make your own firelighters

7th May – felting

11th June – sew your own menstrual pads, panti-liners etc

If you have suggestions for future workshops you’d like to offer to lead or take part in let us know as we’re currently planning the programme for the second half of the year!

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