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Wins all round!

Paula had borrowed a big woodchipper for a couple of weeks, and fortunately for me remembered that I'd had a Request up for some time looking for someone to bring a chipper round and tackled the pile of prunings that had been steadily growing over the months.

As well as being one of our Regional Coordinators, Paula is also one of the local leaders of the Hato Hone St John's cadets, and one of her cadets was needing to clock up some extra Community Service hours, so she brought him along to help!

After a couple of hours of the two of them operating the chipper, and the two of us who live here adding to the pile as well as cut the larger bits into more manageable sizes we had a nice big pile of chippings (now being used as mulch around the garden), and a big empty space on the drive where the original pile of branches had been.

We got our wood chipped, the cadet clocked up the service hours he needed and learned a fair amount about using a woodchipper in the process, and of course Paula got timecredits for pulling it all together. Wins all round.

'It's not what you know, but who you know' is a well known phrase - Timebanking is a way of accessing a whole pool of extra people, and in cases like this, not just them, but the people that they know too.

What tasks could you get done with a bit of help? Post a Request and ask for help, it might not come straight away, but if you don't ask no-one will ever know you need it!

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