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Kaikohe Repair Cafe

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We had another fantastic and well attended Repair Cafe Day on the last Saturday in March.

For those who follow us on Facebook...Remember the antique doll from last time? She got re-united with her very happy owner this time.

Some other highlights we want to share with you here were:

* the handle of a laundry bag got repaired

* two vacuum cleaners got a good clean out

* a couple of secateurs, who were ready to go to the scrap heap, got de-rusted, sharpened, oiled and ready to go as good as new!

* a wheel barrow wheel is in the process of being repaired - updates to follow

Thank you to our volunteer helpers Steve (from Kaikohe) and Chris (from Whangarei RC) for their expertise and enthusiasm!

We all enjoyed the chocolate ėclairs made with - remember ? - the repaired kitchen machine from last time!

Such fun for everyone - keep repairing, instead of throwing stuff away and join us next time end of April!

Paul, Michelle & the RC team

You can see more photos and the items from last month on the Facebook page:

The Repair Cafe takes place once a month on the last Saturday, 1 - 4 pm Inside the Kaikohe Pioneer Village (museum)

Having moved from Paihia to Kaikohe at the end of last year it has been increasingly attracting more and more people.

As the Repair Cafe is an organisational member those helping out earn timecredits, and you can pay timecredits for the work done, plus a koha for any materials used if you can.

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