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Growing in Kaeo

CropSwap Kaeo and PermaCulture gatherings are happening 1st and 3rd Sunday each month, 1pm at the Eco Centre, Waikare Avenue, a great place to connect with other timebankers!

The Garden Ninja’s gardening meet-ups usually happen each Friday afternoon, Sandy sends out emails to the group. Contact me at: if you want to be part of this rather awesome gardening group.

They are also - as I type this, 30March 2023, in their 3rd of 12 weeks of GARDENING CLASS for homeschoolers (taking place in the Māra Tui community garden in Kerikeri).

Alongside this amazing group has been a growing number of community gardens placing themselves around the area as "Ninja Gardeners" and - as is the case with organic systems - there has been a little hint of Ninjalinis tagging along, learning all about passionately growing their own food.

A lot of the ninjalinis ' parents are timebankers so this covers all values of our TimeBank value list - for a long long way down the line.


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