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Garden Rovers - a new Initiative

Tai Tokerau Timebank organisational member Far North Resilient Communities and their founder Di Maxwell came up with another great idea.

Following on from the brainstorming and panel discussion at last month's KaiFest we heard that gardening in groups is just much more fun and when the whole garden set up is left too long it becomes rather daunting (like that phone call you leave for too long, if you know what I mean?)

Given that Timebanking is all about community and looking after each other, sharing our skills this idea was born to meet at Timebank members' gardens and work together to establish or tidy up or prune etc their garden in exchange for timecredits.

The first few projects have been heaps of fun - resulting in happy garden owners and big smiles on the Garden Rovers' faces.

Contact Di directly through her Timebank profile, the website or the facebook page.

Email me, Barbara, or txt me 021 149 8656 for any further questions or if YOU have an idea and want to set up an organisational membership for a cool project / event / gathering that you are involved in.

Now to enjoy some photos of our first 'gigs'.

Ngā mihi aroha, Barbara