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Chat on a virtual bench with Timebankers internationally

Did you know that there are Timebanks around the world? Every month on the 3rd Sunday afternoon (USA East Coast Time, so the Monday morning after, Kiwi time!), there is a 'Chat on a bench' session for Timebank members anywhere. This is run by TimeBanks.Org

"Why is it called "Chat on the Bench?" Whether you're waiting for the bus or need to sit and rest, sitting on the bench is the perfect place. Sitting on the bench may offer an opportunity to meet a stranger who becomes your friend, or it's a place to receive comfort. Every time we take time to sit on our bench, we learn something new and feel supported! All the stories shared are TimeBank-related."

You can read about past sessions on the Chat on a bench blog site.

To join in you just need this Zoom link. The link is the same one every month.

If you do join in we'd love to hear about your experience! Maybe you could write something about it that we could share on here, whether it's a few words or a few paragraphs. We'll pay you timecredits for doing so of course!

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