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Carrying on Timebanking, depsite the funding cuts.

We really had been hoping to tell you that we were interviewing for three Local Coordinators. Two existing vacancies, Te Pēwhairangi/Bay of Islands, and Kaikohe-Hokianga; plus sadly for us Barbara Belger has had to step down from her Whangaroa-Kerikeri role as life was getting too busy. However like many others across ngā motu we've been hit by the latest round of Government funding cuts, and not filling these roles at present is one of the steps being taken to keep Tiaki Taiao as a whole viable until replacement funding is found.

The Tiaki Taiao Programme Manager Jo Shanks has issued the statement below:

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of three valued Timebank Coordinator roles in Te Tai Tokerau, and a reduction in our front-line capacity to support our community as a direct consequence of the defunding of the Community Environment fund.

Tiaki Taiao o Te Tai Tokerau has been the recipient of funding and support through the Environment Hubs Aotearoa (EHA). This has enabled the Trust to expand our programs throughout Te Tai Tokerau and launch new projects that have significantly benefited our community:

  • Timebank Expansion: We expanded our Timebank network across the region with paid local  coordinator roles in Hokianga, Te Pewhairangi/Bay of Islands, Whangaroa, Whāngārei and Kaipara.

  • Seasonal Celebrations: Cultural Heritage & Environmental Connection sessions for our tamariki.

  • Anō Anō  Sessions: Make and mend sessions focused on various textile upcycle projects throughout the region. Frequent collaboration with Para Kore delivering Te Ao Māori environmental wananga.

  • Maara Kai Projects: Building community gardens throughout our rohe.

  • Wash Not Waste Program: Promoting sustainable living practices.

  • Repair Cafes: Assisting in the growth and establishment of Repair Cafes in Kaitaia, Kerikeri, and Whangārei .

Additionally, we have supported numerous other initiatives, such as Predator Free projects, Marae food forests, Maara kai Kura projects, and crop swaps, all from a position of financial security thanks to EHA.

The Role of EHA

The organisational support offered by the EHA has been instrumental in our growth. It allowed us to expand our skills and support those around us in enhancing their environmental initiatives. Regional and national hui provided valuable training that grew our organisation’s resilience and capabilities. These gatherings allowed us to connect with inspiring organisations around Aotearoa, breaking our Far North isolation and fostering growth among like-minded individuals and groups.

Moving Forward

Despite the defunding setback, we remain committed to our mission. Thanks to alternative local funding pools, we will continue to provide environmental support and assistance across our various programs:

  • Timebank Coordination: We will retain three part-time local coordinators to assist our region in making meaningful exchanges for the community and environment, plus two part-time regional mentoring and support roles.

  • Kaicycle/Te Hiku Zero Waste: Providing zero waste support to Kaitāia Market, events, and collecting compostable waste from local organisations.

  • Wash Station Project: Introducing reusable containers to public events.

  • Community of Gardeners/Maara Kai: Offering support to community gardeners, subject to project funding.

  • Anō Anō Kaitāia: Our make and mend space will remain open with regular workshops for the community.

  • EcoCentre Kaitāia: Continuing to offer environmentally friendly products to support sustainable living.

  • Tuituia Kahunuku: A new program focusing on regreening shared spaces with native plants and Rongoa.

Community Support

EHA will strive to continue their invaluable support, while we now look to our community for support,  we ask for help so our members continue to improve their skills, we will seek financial assistance where we once offered services for koha. We will also seek funding to relaunch popular community outreach programs, including the reinstatement of paid Timebank coordinator roles and seasonal celebrations for our tamariki.

Te Taiao, will endure,  as will many of the environmental organisations affected by this funding cut. However, we will need the support of our community to sustain our efforts for our environment.

Nga mihi nui,

Jo Shanks

Program Manager, Tiaki Taiao Trust

What can you do to help?

With only three Local Coordinators, basically one in each District Council area FNDC, WDC and KDC, it would be wonderful if members were able to step up and offer to help out. We especially don't want to lose momentum in Whangaroa-Kerikeri after all the hard work and energy Barbara has put in to building it up.

Carry on timebanking! Keep posting those Offers & Requests, following up on them, and importantly for us remembering to record the exchanges. We rely on our exchanges data to back up our funding applications - if it doesn't look like there's anything going on it's harder to justify funders investing in us. For those organisational members who tend to forget to record anything, can you identify someone to pick this task up?

Could you offer to host a social event, a workshop, or a working bee? Contact your Local Coordinator if you have one, or Paula on and they'll walk you through what is needed and help getting it publicised etc.

Write to your MP/Local Councilors etc: aside from reinstating the EHA funding, it would be great if Councils helped fund Timebank as a means to strengthen local communities.

Jo has drafted a letter which is here....

The Impact of Community Environment Defunding on Tiaki Taiao Trust
Download PDF • 101KB

.... that you can use as a starting point and adapt as you see fit. If you send a copy of your letter/email to you'll earn yourself a timecredit from Tiaki Taiao.

Make a donation: If you are able to contribute financially to Tai Tokerau Timebank, or Tiaki Taiao in general you can make a payment to:

Tai Tokerau Timebank: 12-3096-0282025-02

Tiaki Taiao: 12-3096-0282025-00

Please put 'donation' and your name in the reference fields. If you would like a tax receipt for amounts over $5 please email giving details of your donation so that we can match them up and provide you with one.

Let us know if you have other ideas!

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