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Astrology Workshop in Kerikeri

Events at The Cherry Park House

About our workshop presenter, Tracey:

Tracey first became reacquainted with Astrology when she was 5 years old.

She knew that she was a Libran, her mother was a Libran and her cousin was a Libran, my favourite people. So that sent her into discovery about what is called “The Round Science.”

At 14 years Tracey studied Astrology with Gretchen Lawlor, the originator of the Moon Calendars, who had learnt from Dane Rudyhar, an American Humanistic Astrologer.

At 17 she wanted to become an Astrologer when she left school but realised that she would struggle to make a living so became a Psychologist instead, following Carl Jung, who had based his Theory of Personality on Astrology.

Astrology is both an Art and a Science. It is based on numbers, maths, and uses intuition to interpret the alignment of the Planets. Astrology is the best system, hands down, for reading people’s personality and understanding how we do or don’t relate to one another.

This is called Synastry – the Science of Relationship.

Astrology is also used as a Predictive tool as you can look at what is coming up and based on past planetary alignments can show you what is likely to happen. This is where you look at the transits.


I say that Astrology is the Map – it is not the Road – but it can help you to navigate the terrain.
In my talk I will do an introduction to Astrology to give people an overview of the elements, the qualities, the 12 signs and the 12 houses.

In our series of "Events at The Cherry Park House", which we'll hold each first Wednesday of the month, 12 - 4pm, this workshop will give us a good insight into the basics of astrology. Timecredits can usually be used and spent at these events and depend on the arrangement with the workshop facilitator. If one or the other $10 or 2 timecredits is an issue, do let me know and don't let it keep you from joining us. Remember that the main topic at these times is community.

You'll see that the workshop is from 1 - 3pm, I am there from 12 - 4pm for you to come and meet me, Barbara, your local coordinator and to introduce TimeBank to those who are new to it.

Ngā mihi aroha, Barbara

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