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Seeing the positives in your shadow side

On Saturday 15th April Whangārei Timebank ran a second Astrology workshop in the

Children’s Lighthouse Playcentre in Hikurangi.

Eight keen participants enjoyed an incredibly interesting, enlightening and inspiring

afternoon guided by our tutor, Kate Hornblow. Five were Timebank members.

Prior to the workshop everyone had supplied Kate with their birth date, time and place. Using this information she created individual charts packed with fascinating information.

As each person analysed their chart, characteristics relating to their personalities were revealed. And the accuracy of the analysis was incredible! As everyone started to understand the positive and negative aspects of their personality they recognised their beneficial behaviours alongside their shadow side. This knowledge was enough to inspire everyone to make changes for the better!

Although time was limited, this inspiring introduction to Soul-based Astrology roused everyone’s curiosity to learn more and all agreed that another workshop was needed to dive deeper into this fascinating subject!

We are very grateful to Kate for such an inspiring, revealing and enjoyable workshop.

This event was a great success and was made possible with the support of the

Whangārei District Creative Communities Scheme.


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