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Kia Ora! Welcome to Tai Tokerau Timebank

Time is our currency. Our members swap skills and knowledge for credits. We trade these credits for services in our community.

Our Timebank is a great place to meet people and get help with things you can’t do. You can also learn new skills and share your talents with people.


Because we cover the whole of te Tai Tokerau Northland, members can draw a much bigger pool of knowledge and skills; yet at the same time Timebanking offers an opportunity to strengthen local communities and build resilience.


Our uncertain times have highlighted that it is even more important than ever that we help build community resilience and find ways to support each other. Timebanking is an excellent tool for this as it reaches out across social, cultural and geographical boundaries.

Everyone’s time is valued equally, regardless of what skills are exchanged. We all have something to offer.

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Tai Tokerau Timebank has individual and organisational members!

Sign up as an individual or an organisation.

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