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Thanksgiving Potluck Evening Hosted by Tai Tokerau Timebank Whangārei & Transition Whangārei

On Friday 24th November Tai Tokerau Timebank in Whangārei and Transition Whangārei hosted a highly successful and very enjoyable Thanksgiving Potluck evening. This was our second collaborative event.


We were delighted with the turn out of around 35 people who all brought a plate of delicious food to share.


There was plenty of chatting before we all sat down and even more whilst everyone tucked in.

 A live music quartet played throughout the evening – with a strong Irish influence - that had many a foot tapping along, wanting to dance!

After the tables were cleared away, out came the board games and we all settled down to play!


It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with Timebank friends and meet new ones!


Janey Pares Edney, Tai Tokerau Timebank Co-ordinator Whangārei City & Coast

Casey Wyeth, Transition Whangārei Co-ordinator

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