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Tai Tokerau Timebank in Whangārei Workshop:

“Your Fresh Start for Spring!”

On Sundy 24th September, Tai Tokerau Timebank in Whangārei ran a wonderful Vision Boarding workshop!

Organised essentially for its members, but also open to the general public, it was well attended by Timebank members as well as non-members.

Tracey Willms Deane, a local visual artist and adult education teacher, guided the group through an afternoon of creative fun! Supporting everyone to switch from left brain thinking to right brain creativity, Tracey brought a fresh perspective to the process which was inspirational from start to finish!

The workshop began with the group brain-storming what sort of elements they would like to see on their vision boards. Tracey then led a guided meditation to affect the cross over to right brain creativity! Then the action began – sifting through piles of magazines to find images and words that resonated for each person. Silence descended on the group as everyone focused in on cutting out pictures and words that ‘spoke’ to them.

The concentration was palpable as sticking the scraps of paper onto the vision boards came next. Fortunately refreshments were on hand to help!

The afternoon went really fast and time slipped away stretching beyond the usual 3 hours! Nobody wanted to finish.. and in fact, some of the boards will be continued at home as they become a constant visual reminder of what we’d would love to enjoy in our lives. By hanging them where they’ll be seen daily, they act on the sub-conscious to actually become a reality!

This workshop was made possible with the support of the Whangārei District Creative Communities Scheme:

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