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Kaitāia Repair Café

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

For the last few months we've slowly been transitioning Mending Morning into something a bit more (and still growing) - a Repair Café! Our March Repair Café went wonderfully well. Someone came by with a broken fan, which Jatinder and Pascal fixed up. Then they took on fixing Nancy’s toaster. Pascal was busy with lots of tool sharpening, as per usual! A few new faces learned about the repair café and about what Te Pokapū Tiaki Taiao Trust offers and seem keen to get involved. It was a really nice social time too!

And a fantastic discovery was made by Merryn, who bought a cuckoo clock years ago while visiting the Schwarzwald in Germany - one that no longer worked that she intended to get fixed back in Aotearoa. The closest cuckoo clock repair shop she could find is in Whangārei, which would mean a bit of a trek and an unknown cost. But it turns out Jatinder is super into cuckoo clocks at the moment! He just recently fixed one, is trying to make his own, and is really excited about the prospect fixing Merryn's. Tai Tokerau Timebank to the rescue again!

We'll be back again on Saturday, 29 April from 11-1 at Anō Anō ready to look at repairing a myriad of items. If you're not sure what we can repair, no worries! Bring your item on by and we'll always see what we can do.

* Are you a Tai Tokerau Timebanker with repairing skills, and keen to help grow our Repair Café? Send an email to!

- Shona

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